I had the pleasure of running a two day painting masterclass in Edinburgh this weekend. I had a blast and hope that everyone who attended had as much fun as I did and hopefully got something out of it too! Big shout out to the GW Edinburgh guys for being awesome and setting this up!

Here are just a couple quick iPhone pics from the Saturday where we covered some basic color theory, worked with glazes to build up subtle color variations in skin-tones and armor (and ended with an epic night at Wings) as well as the Sunday where we focused on some tips and tricks regarding true metallic metals and ended up with a (more or less) finished Chaos Nurgle Lord!

We’re already looking at doing more classes here in Stockholm (and pretty much anywhere else we can make it work) so if you’re a group of people interested in setting something up or you have any questions drop us a PM over on our facebook page!

If you attended the class in Edinburgh I’d love to get some feedback and hear what you thought, just drop a comment here or on facebook!