River Troll

Here’s a River Troll I painted for Golden Demon UK this year – it won Bronze in the Fantasy Large Model category!

I started pretty late, about a month before the day. Having finished my main entry early (I’ll post pics of that soon), I decided to try and finish another model before the competition.
I actually ended up doing another one after this, for a grand sum of three entries done in six weeks.

I’ve always loved these plastic models, and the awesome box cover paint job, so I didn’t want to stray too far from that. The model is just about unconverted, save the addition of an arrow embedded in the troll’s left ribcage. 
I imagine someone was dumb enough to wander into his swamp and shoot him on sight, and this is the troll’s reaction. 

The base was a slightly more elaborate project, since I wanted to add some swampy water around the troll. To that end I cut the bottom from a 50mm gaming base and stuck the frame to some plasticard. I filled in the bottom with a gloopy mix of sand, PVA glue and liquid green stuff, and used some spare bits from a piece of plastic Warhammer scenery for rocks, to give the troll some height. 
I painted the bottom brown and added more liquid green stuff, along with Typhus Corrosion, to give a murky, algae-rich effect.
Finally, I added some skulls, a broken shield and an old wheel, poured clear resin over the whole thing, and sprinkled some dry leaves on top. That’s about it.

Making this was an absolute blast, and it’s always a huge pleasure to see your work rewarded. I’ve got a few ideas for next year already, so watch this space! But, like, a year from now.





This year Max, Martin, Patric and Filip flew over to the UK for Warhammer Fest and Golden Demon! A massive two day event full of awesome miniatures, old friends, new faces and just a great overall atmosphere!

After a week of excruciating late-night painting, paired with an extremely early flight and a looong day in London we finally made the drive up to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry in search of some much needed sleep…

Not knowing quite what to expect, the first day started off shrouded in mystery… until we got our hands on an event programme! It turned out that the event was spread out over three floors, which was awesome! Bottom floor held the shopping area and Black Library events and there were a lot of people at the venue… but since it was all spread out over multiple floors it never got crowded and (compared to previous years) the lines never got too bad.

On the second floor we found the design studio and since it wasn’t flooded with people you got a chance to really talk to the studio guys, and get up close and personal with some truly amazing ‘Eavy Metal miniatures!

We attended several demo-pods and seminars over the course of both days, that we all really enjoyed. Maxime Pastourel’s themed Gretchin army was magnificent, and the pod was awesome. Darren Latham’s basing clinic was great and Seb Perbet’s showcase was amazing! David Waeselynck did a fantastic job running a demo-pod showing us the ins and outs of the new epic Blightking models… basically all the demo-pods we attended were awesome! We also attended the Forge World seminar, the format of which was the same as previous years, but why fix something that isn’t broken?

Top floor was all about the Forge World design team and full of massive Forge World displays. All the cabinets for Golden Demon were also prepped and ready to go on the top floor from day one. Saturday they were filled with loads of awesome armies, and on Sunday… well, you know, hundreds of amazing miniatures!

Being able to stay at a hotel located at the actual venue definitely had its advantages. At the end of the first day we were lucky enough to bump in to some really talented painters staying at the hotel (Stefan Johnsson, Paul Norton and Robert Carlsson, to name a few) and the evening was spent drooling over loads of exquisite miniatures painted for next day’s Golden Demon competition…

Day 2 started with a final check of all the minis we were entering and then it was off to the top floor for Golden Demon! The second day had different demo-pods and the other half of the Design studio, Black Library, Forge World and so on, which was great. This meant that the second day didn’t just feel like a big repeat of the first day.

The biggest difference, however, was obviously Golden Demon. One side of the top floor was made up by huge panoramic windows which made for much better lighting than last year. It was easier to see what the models looked like and we spent hours feasting our eyes on some absolutely awesome entries!

We had all brought a bunch of pieces for the competition and the level of painting was really high with several big names from around Europe in attendance! At the end of the day Max and Martin brought home another two trophies for Stockholm Warpaint’s proverbial treasure chest.

Martin was awarded a bronze in Warhammer Fantasy Large Model for his awesome River Troll and Max won The Open Competition, receiving the gold plaque for his Gutter Runner sewer scene.

The second day ended at the hotel bar surrounded by friends, more of the world’s most talented painters and some truly beautiful miniatures!

We wouldn’t have been able to get photos of every entry even if we tried, but here’s a handful of randomly selected pics, to give you an idea of what it was like…

After a final night at the hotel we packed up and flew home to Stockholm.

We had a blast at this year’s event and met loads of old and new friends that we hope to see again soon. Massive thanks goes out to everyone who helped make this weekend awesome!

Stockholm Warpaint